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Welcome to Midland Tomorrow, where we support the growth of early-stage businesses and a more vibrant Michigan economy. We’re a non-profit business incubator that links startups to the capital, facilities, talent and expertise they need to build successful, sustainable businesses.

We are moving the first two weeks of January 2018 to our new location:

3417 W. Main Street
Midland, MI  48640

We have an opening for the following position:

Innovation Center Manager
Job Description
Background & Purpose of the Job:

The Midland Tomorrow Innovation Center is a place to take our entrepreneurs and community members on a journey of inspiration, discovery, and solutions toward pre-incubation and start-up of a successful business. As the Innovation Center Manager, you will be fully responsible for driving brilliant client experiences through our virtual and physical facility located in Midland, MI. Your team will drive the objectives of the Innovation Center and SmartZone through the lens of high tech businesses that fit into our geographic, technical and economic footprint. Although not all start-ups will be technical in nature, an emphasis on this will capitalize on the vast knowledge and expertise in our area. You will guide our future start-ups leading them to growth and expansion. 

To succeed, you will have a perspective on the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs and understand their unique drivers. Your job will be to manage all aspect of the innovation center Incubator/ Accelerator program. 

Who You Are & What You’ll Do:

The MTIC Manager’s work will be multi-faceted, he or she will lead innovation customer’s internal training opportunities and events, while contributing to the build and operations of the new MTIC. They will also support overall innovation communications and tours to create a new culture and mindset around the purpose and utilization of the MTIC in the community. 

Finally, in order to maximize flexibility and efficiency of the team, the MTIC Manager must be willing to travel occasionally to bring the concepts of the MTIC and SmartZone to Industry Events and state meetings in order to showcase thought leadership. You will also be fully accountable for the set-up of the center for internal and external events.
·         You’re a born leader: Lead or facilitate others to lead customer MTIC Workshop sessions from inspiration through commercialization to set the stage for effective  Lead use of all technologies at the MTIC and research annex to benefit Unilever and our customers via collaborative working
·         You’re a strategy guru: You will have the opportunity to design and customize an experiential journey that drives a tailored solution, leveraging technology and other capabilities to bring a growth plan to life at the MTIC
·         You’re a connector: Partner with the other entities in the MBA and our community to leverage opportunities for our start-up customers; using strong cross-functional management skills
·         You’re a story teller: Support and at times serve as the lead for taking MTIC capabilities to recruiting meetings.
·         You’re a teacher: Assist the community in using MTIC technologies and services. Run sessions to up-skill members in use of the tools.
·         You’re a change maker: Passion for innovating, entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrate willingness to challenge the status quo, contribute to the building of the new vision for MTIC
·         You’re a culture & change champion: Act as point of contact for daily operations delivering a fully functional facility; Share best practices across the county
Specific Innovation Center Skills and Duties:
·         Possess the ability to identify and recruit potential clients for the Innovation Center (business incubator); discerning their readiness to start or expand a business.
·         Possess skills required to instruct and assist clients in the areas of business plan development, market analysis, identification of and process to apply for sources of capital for business development and growth, business tax issues, and laws related to employment issues.
·         Possess skills required to manage landlord/tenant relationships for the Innovation Center including structural and operational procedures
·         Develop and maintain partnerships with other public and/or private organizations which provide business development assistance for the benefit of clients.
·         Serve as a liaison to university, college, and other third-party resources for entrepreneurial activities and events; Serve on the Michigan Business Incubator Association; Build strong relationships between local and state partners including MEDA, MEDC and the SBDC.
·         Maintain relationship between the Blue Water Angels; create and implement a financial agreement between BWA & MTIC for ongoing screening activities.
·         Manage and submit gatekeeper reports & attend meetings outlined in the BI2015 Gatekeeper grant requirements for the lifecycle of the grant; intake sessions with technology companies, BAF, and Pre-Seed Applications.
·         Develop informational sessions and programs for clients on issues relevant to startup companies.
·         Act as liaison between public and private sectors in application and implementation of business development programs.
·         Develop mentoring relationships with advisors that can assist MTIC clients.
·         Stay current and inform companies of special financing and tax incentives available to business development companies.
·         Keep current on all services of the Innovation Center in order to cross-sell its services to clients and the public.
·         Promote the Innovation Center, its programs, and employees at every available opportunity, with specific responsibilities for recruitment and promotion.
Other Responsibilities include: 
·         Developing strategic goals and objectives for the client service programs;
·         assisting in preparing the annual budget; facilitating the negotiation and structure of client agreements and leases; including the collection of rents and fees;
·         Perform as a liaison between the clients, businesses and the Incubator throughout the region.
·         Assisting in screening issues for attention/action;
·         Monitoring progress of client companies;
·         Establishing linkage for client funding opportunities via venture capital/equity firms and angel networks;
·         Assisting in planning and organizing MTIC events;
·         Presenting operating results to the MBA and MT Boards and staff
·         Serving as a primary client interface for MTIC incubator/accelerator programs;
·         Providing leadership and establishing criteria to monitor program performance;
·         Developing tools and processes for program management and innovation efforts;
·         Managing projects and/or personnel;
·         Working to improve professional capabilities and personal knowledge in incubator management by attending workshops and conferences attending
·         Organization meetings as required;
What You Will Need To Succeed:
·         4 year Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
·         2-5 years’ relevant experience in delivering innovation/business start-up programs
·         Experiences in Stakeholder Relationship Management and Customer Interactions required
·         Experience Managing third party contracts, employees, and relationships
·         Excellent communication and presentation skills required
·         Self-motivation with a strong focus on delivery and ability to self-manage projects
·         Resilient and organized
·         Motivated by challenging the status quo and passion for continuous improvement
·         Demonstrated ability to network within the business community
·         Ability to work with diverse groups including businesses, entrepreneurs, major corporations, universities, the public and economic development organizations
Strongly desired:
·         Experience in working with start-ups
·         Experience in being part of growing company management team with supervisory experience and being a team player
·         Previous record of building strong networks with business leaders
·         Experience desired in any aspect of small business such banking, or personally owning and/or operating a business
The Innovation Center Manager is supervised by the President of Midland Tomorrow and supervises full- and part-time staff.
Please email a cover letter, resume and salary requirements by January 22, 2018 to  Becky Church, President & COO.